Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are we based?

We do parties in and around Cape Town including the Northern and Southern suburbs as well as the Southern Peninsula. A small petrol fee is required for areas outside of Cape Town.

2. What do we supply?

We come fully equipped with everything that is needed to hold the perfect pamper party. This includes, towels, face clothes, table cloths, extension leads, all equipment needed for the pamper stations and more.

  • Depending on which package you order, we will also bring along decorations for the party.

3. What do I, as the Parent, need to supply for the party?

All you will need to supply is the basics of tables and chairs, water and electrical points, and if you wish some yummy snacks and treats for the guests. We do offer a variety of baked goods to save any hassle of ordering elsewhere.

4. Do we provide a party venue?

Unfortunately, we do not have a party venue as of yet.

5. What is the duration of the party?

Depending on the package you choose, our parties can range from 2-3 hours.

6. Do our parties have a colour scheme?

Our colour scheme is purple and white with a touch of pink and all equipment is of this colour.  We do, however offer themed pamper parties.

7. Do we supply tables and chairs?

For your convenience, we hire out our kiddies table and chairs (Jolly) including our pink and purple chair covers to make life a lot easier for parents who are in need of the extra seating. 

8. What is the maximum amount of guests per party?

Depending on availability of our Party hostesses, we don’t have a maximum, however there is an additional cost per guest thereafter 8 guests attending.

9. Who are our Party Hostesses?

We have a professional team of fun and interactive party hostesses that will come to your home or party venue of your choice to create the best party for your little Girl. There is 1 party hostess for every 5 guests to ensure everyone receive our undivided attention. Our party hostesses will arrive at the party venue 30min prior to the start of the party to set up your daughter’s Pretty Pamper Party.

10. What are the age groups we aim at?

Depending on the package that you choose we supply a pamper services for all girls up to the age of 12 + as we also provided a Moms pampering services that aim at teens and moms.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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