How It All Began

My Pretty Pamper Party was established with the sole aim to make every young girl’s dream come true by making them feel and look like a Princess.

The concept came about after I regularly used to babysit two young girls when I lived in the little town of Bewdley, England. To entertain the two girls, aged 4 and 6, I needed to come up with many different and fun ideas. So our afternoons soon developed into fun filled occasions with glamorous high tea parties after being all dressed up with the aid of using the contents of mom’s makeup drawer.

The three of us would feel totally relaxed and spend many hours taking turns to make up each other’s faces and paint each other’s nails. After a full afternoon of pampering which sometimes went on late into the evening, the girls would be exhausted. I remember how happy they were to jump into for their beds after all the excitement was over. 

One afternoon, when showing the girl’s parents the photo’s that I had taken, it was so evident that they were so very happy that they were all dressed up and they indeed looked like pretty princess. That is when I decided that I would like to make many other little girls feel and look the same way on their birthday’s…….and so began my dream of My Pretty Pamper Party.

In the early days it was myself and an assistant that hosted the parties but as the word got around the business grew. Parents were becoming increasingly interested in the concept of us coming to their homes to host parties for their daughters. It was then that I started recruiting more hostesses to help me. I felt very strongly and still do in making sure that I trained them in every aspect of hosting a party. This is to ensure consistency in my way of hosting the perfect pamper party. 

Now, after hosting over 100 pamper parties, I have expanded our services to include product making and have even introduced adult pampering. Parties have now expanded to over the greater Cape Town area.

I am very excited to share My Pretty Pamper Party experience with all so that the special touch and treatment it provides will make all little girls feel and look like a Princess.

– Erin Rowell, Founder

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