Crafty Activities

My Pretty Pamper Party Activity Packages

Add any activity to our pamper packages or simply order a crafty activity on its own.

When adding an activity to a package, this will give our Hostesses an extra hour or so with the girls to make the pamper party more interactive and exciting.


Cupcake decorating: R 50 pp

Includes a vanilla cupcake with plain icing and a selection of pretty decorations. Each guest will receive a box to take her cupcake home.


Jewellery Making: R 40 pp

All guests will receive a selection of beads, string and/or a keyring to make a piece of  jewellery of their choice.


Slime Making: R 150 pp

All guests will receive 2x slime containers – 1 slime will already be made allowing the guests to add their own choice of glitter, foam, etc and the 2nd slime will be unmade, allowing us to show the guests how to make their very own slime!


Homemade Face-Masks: R 70 pp

All guests will receive products and equipment to create their very own homemade, natural face-mask which they will use on the day of the party and will be able to take home. Face-mask ingredients may include oats, honey, banana, plain yogurt. Please ensure no guest is allergic to any of these ingredients.


Take home Bath Salts: R 70 pp

All guests will receive an empty jar which they can fill with different coloured bath salts, creating different designs in the jar. All jars come with a complimentary wooden spoon which they can bedazzle with different stick-on gems.


DIY Pillowcases: R 100 pp

Guests will receive a standard size, white pillowcase that they can design using a choice of coloured fabric, permanent markers. An additional fee of R100 for personalized names printed on the pillowcases.


Biscuit Decorating Kits: R 70 pp

Each guest will receive 2 themed biscuits, 3 different coloured icing in piping bags and a bag of sprinkles. Please let us know if you have any theme preferences.


DIY Dream Catchers: R 200 pp

All guests receive all the crafts and tools to create their very own custom made Dream Catcher! Perfect for slumber sleepover parties!

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